Our Niche


BodenWorks, LTD is uniquely positioned in the market as a virtual media production company. 

What does “virtual media production" mean?

We are nimble enough to readily tailor our creative services, support teams and craftsmanship to match any project’s particular demands. 

We are equally adept at working as a one-stop, concept-to-screen shop or as an a la carte single service provider (i.e. writing, directing, producing and/or ancillary services only)

What benefits does this business model provide?

Our strategic structure allows us to:

  • Customize our consultative services.
  • Present fresh and unique treatments for each media solution.
  • Collaborate with the industry’s finest independent craftsmen and creative resources.
  • Utilize the most recent technologies and tools available.
  • Offer flexible and affordable budget options to our clients.
  • Keep our organization lean and overhead expenses in check.
  • Deliver innovative, dynamic media presentations time after time.

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